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Here are some comments about The Daily Vocabula:

Your daily edition is a wonderful idea. Please include me. — David L. Smith

Thank you. You do such a good job: the selection, presentation, illustrations. I missed receiving it and am grateful to have it. — Marilyn Gaull

I just received a sample of The Daily Vocabula. Could you please sign me up to receive these regularly? — Susan Dudzinski

Yes! — Arvid Ekenberg

Great idea! Thanks for doing it. — Donna Gorrell

Too good to miss. — William Martin

The Daily V is tastefully done and is captivating. — Tom McGlinn

In the two days I've been receiving The Daily Vocabula, I've loved the information you've provided. — Jeff McLean

Heck yeah! — Tina Bennett-Kastor

The new daily format is already hugely useful and enjoyable for me .... — Jordan Fabish

I ... enjoy your delightful Daily Vocabula offerings. — Harvey Chang

I really appreciate your fine information. News I use daily! — Patty Knox

What fun. ... I look ahead forwardly to it daily, every day. — Paul Wexelblat

Thanks so much. This is a treasure! — Elizabeth Nobbe

Thank you for these wonderful daily emails. — Mary Kneipp

Just a note to thank you for your web site and the daily bulletin you send out. I especially appreciate the bulletin. Even on the busiest days, I can read the bulletin in a minute or two and it's an excellent reminder to be clear, precise, and concise when you use language. — Isabelle Byrnes

I look forward every evening to the Daily Vocabula! — Sreenivasan Subramanian

Long live TVR — Jack Lee

My compliments on The Daily Vocabula. I read it every day, and it's as bracing as a morning walk followed by orange juice. If I were still teaching freshman composition, I would have all my students subscribe. It's just the right format for imparting this kind of wisdom — a little bit each day, rather than bigger less frequent servings that are too much to assimilate all at once. — John Kilgore

A much-revered English professor recommended you and I'd love to sign up! — Sharon Selby

I am grateful to the person who came up with The Daily Vocabula. The [Elegant English] column in the middle is nothing short of inspiring. — Anita Salustro

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the Daily Vocabula. Lots of good tips here, some of which I have taken into the classroom. — Jeff Minick

I enjoy the Daily Vocabula very much. — Barbara Goldowsky

Thanks! I'll sign my students up too. — Simon McGuire

Your Elegant English is a joy to read and ponder. — Neal Lubow

This is a great service and a joy to receive. I certainly will encourage my friends to subscribe. — David Palmer

Could I ask you please to add the students in the "cc" line to your list of subscribers to The Daily Vocabula? Over the next dozen weeks, I'll be asking students to report to me and to one another on the good things they find in your morning additions to their inboxes. — Andrew Ehrgood

Please sign me up! I will pass this on to my students. — Mary Kathryn Tri

I've been meaning to drop you a line on The Daily Vocabula. It's almost always the most useful e-mail I get in a long day. Kudos. — Ralph Abercrombie

A message from The Daily Vocabula is like a visit to a spa for the intellect. It exfoliates the brain. — Peter Nils Baylor

When I signed up, a month or so ago, for your Daily Vocabula, I didn't think it would be a comic column. But I greet with glee the Gotcha Grammars that bring down low the high, and I laugh, sometimes guffaw, at the way you reduce bloated verbosity to graceful brevity. Congratulations and thank you! — Maurice Posada

I read The Daily Vocabula every day.... I am going to subscribe to The Vocabula Review, especially because of The Daily, for my (collegiate) daughters and my (Austrian) wife.... Well done! — Francis O'Neill

Thank you for all you do to encourage good writing and good reading. I suppose reading well comes before writing well. You supply the good reading. — Miriam Kotzin

I am enjoying the Daily Vocabula mailings every day. They help keep the work tools of writing sharp. — Clark Elder Morrow

I'd love to learn from this and share it with my high school students. Brilliant publication! — Whitney Lewis

Is there a printed volume of Daily Vocabula available? I love it! My day is not complete until I've mastered the Daily Vocabula. Keep up the great service. — Barbara Holm

I love your posts. — E. Ann Matter

Please add my email address to your free Vocabula emails. A friend shared one with me and I think it is wonderful! — Nancy Apfel

The Daily Vocabula is a pleasure to read. — Travis McBride

You do a wonderful job. I eagerly look forward to your e-mail every morning. Please keep up your great work. — Chris Palmer

What a happy way to start the day. — Tom Ehrgood

Keep your great publication coming! — Mitchell Orfuss

I love your service and look forward to starting every day with it! Happy to donate to the cause! — Christopher Hawks

Please sign my mother up for The Daily Vocabula. We love the TDV and want to share it with others. Many thanks! — Laura Walker Pellissier

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