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"I have now updated the report based on your edits. Thank you, thank you! Your edits were excellent." — Greg Blevins, The Market Solutions Group

"I really appreciate your feedback. It was so insightful and helpful. The Christmas Mystery at Skate Lake

"I have said thank you to you often. I promise, I mean it. Your help has been terrific." — Kathy L. Hagen, Kathy L. Hagen and Associates

"You've got such a good eye. I was amazed at the types of things you caught in the early parts of the paper." — Susan G. Strauss, author ("Applying Conceptual Grammar to Advanced-Level Language Teaching")

"You're a spectacular editor and copyeditor! ... You did a great job." — David Palmer, Senior Vice President, Publishing, MesaView ePublishing, Inc.

"You're definitely very good. ... Thank you so much for such a great job and such promptness." — Olga Gardner, Galvinized Editorial Services

"My day's brightened by the authority and astuteness of your corrections. If I can ever be of use as a reference, let me know. And if you want to send one of your t-shirts my way (medium) I'd wear it with pride." — Bert Stern, Hilton Publishing Company (Black Men's Guide to Health)

"You're excellent! As hard as I worked on trying to hone that very important and climactic chapter, I could never seem to get the words to flow smoothly. Now it's perfect! Thank you. ... Your editing skills and good service are the very best." — David Hilliard, author (Strangers and Pilgrims)

"We were very pleased with your work on WorldMark and we are hoping you will take more work." — Linda Pugliese, The Gale Group (WorldMark Yearbook)

"You are doing an exceptionally good job on this project. You’re so neat; it’s almost art. ... I really appreciate your professional expertise." — Cindy Nickerson, American Management Association (Sales Forecasting, Gross)

"The author and I think you’ve done an excellent job editing and cleaning up this manuscript. He wanted you to know that he appreciates and acknowledges your effort and skill. Once again, it’s been a pleasure working with you. I appreciate that your abilities make my job so much easier and that your demeanor makes my job enjoyable. It’s great to work with talented, smart people." — Donna Linden, Wadsworth Publishing Company (COMMUNICATE! Verderber)

"I loved what you did to the Bardon brochure." — Elizabeth Lyons, Fieldstone Creative Communications (Bardon Trimount brochure)

"What you did was very good with only a few minor points of misunderstanding. ... It’s amazing there weren’t more considering how little I told you about such a complex book; good job and thanks!" — Phyllis Larimore, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company (Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Mendelson)

"It’s been a pleasure working with you." — Barbara Heaney, John Wiley & Sons (1-2-3 Marketing Management, Winter)

"Dan Remer gave me a call earlier this week to say that he was ecstatic about your editing. He said 90 percent of what you did was just tremendous. ... Your work for us has been invaluable." — Brian Crockett, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (Legal Care for Your Software, Remer)

"Great job — author agrees. Hope we can work together again soon." — Jonathan Weinert, Editorial Inc. (Enhanced Oil Recovery, Lake)

"I’ve received nothing but excellent comments about the book from colleagues and students. Your efforts improved it a minimum of 50% and probably much more. My students have been extremely impressed with it." — Gerald Graham, author of The World of Business (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company)

"Thanks for all your help with Denny’s books. We feel very comfortable with your technical expertise, and you’ve done a great job catching many small errors." — Elizabeth Kendall, Prentice Hall (Word Processing on Microcomputers, Curtin)

"The author has reviewed your edits, and I just wanted to let you know that he was quite pleased. He said it was ‘a first-class job’ and sends his praise." — Karen Wernholm, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (MICRO-CAP III, Roden)

"Thank you for your fine copyedit of The Student Edition of Lotus 1-2-3, Release 2.4, and your quick turnaround of the last batch in particular. I look forward to working with you in the future." — Adam Ray, The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company (The Student Edition of Lotus 1-2-3, Release 2.4, O’Leary)

"I have spoken to Barbara Gleason and Louise Phelps, and we all agree that you are doing an excellent job editing our text. Thank you! ... We are happy that you are working with us." — Mark Wiley, co-author of Composition in Four Keys: Inquiring into the Field (Mayfield Publishing Company)

"I have enclosed the TK Solver for Engineers Toolkit for your library. I thank you for your work and patience on this title with the copyedit, and we are all pleased with the final results." — Cathy Lewis, Book Production Management (TK Solver for Engineers, Ferguson)

"I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with the editing job you did for Hancock/Sharp. ... I look forward to working with you again. You’ve always done a wonderful job." — Naomi Sysak, Prentice Hall (Public Policy, Crime, and Criminal Justice, Hancock, Sharp)

"I want you to know how much we appreciate the extraordinary attention you gave to the coverage and presentation of the text’s content. You certainly made your mark on it! ... I don’t mind telling you that I found myself very often trying to please you when writing chapters more than the reviewers. ... Your attention to detail and commitment to excellence was amazing. You pushed us to go ‘the extra mile,’ too." — Robert Woodruff, co-author of Marketing (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company)

"We were thrilled with your editing and suggestions. We were so impressed with all the stuff you caught and your attention to detail. ... Thanks again for the terrific job you did on Crosstalk." — Deborah Valentine, co-author of Crosstalk: Communicating in a Multicultural Workplace (Prentice Hall)

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