Some Letters We've Received About the Subscription Fee

This is to inform I have paid my subscription for TVR by Amazon. I would be happy if you let me know my password at the earliest. I just discovered by chance your valuable magazine today. Regret that I did not know it earlier. Truly wonderful and illuminating!!

PGR Nair

I have just paid, through, for a subscription to TVR. As a high school and college English teacher, I thank you for your fascinating site.

Alison Ledger Fraser

The extra $5 was for your work on The Dimwit's Dictionary, a lovely and indispensable reference. Please "keep up the good work."

Bo Brock

I have just paid for one year of TVR. I look forward to resuming reading this excellent publication, access to which I had allowed to lapse by not bothering to subscribe.

Charles Hawtrey

Please forward the password so that I may enjoy the full extent of your wonderful site.

Jason Larragoity

I finally got around to signing up for the Vocabula Review. I admit, I was much enticed by the clever advertising ("subscribe for a measly $4.95") but resisted the temptation until now (okay, to be truthful, the moons, stars and planets aligned — I found my credit card and was cleaning out my inbox at the same time).

Deana Collins

I have just subscribed to your Review via the Amazon payment method. I authorized a payment to you of $25.

Ann Cianflone

I used Amazon to pay the $4.95. What a GREAT value!

Jennifer Lane

This is a notification that I have paid for my subscription to the Vocabula Review through Amazon. Thank you for a quality and interesting periodical!

Bertha Wise

I have paid for your great Web site through

Michael Buschmohle

I just sent payment for my subscription via Amazon. Vocabula Review is a wonderful website. Thanks!

Martha Edmands

Greetings from northern Thailand. What a great publication! My check is in the mail — $9.95 — please sign me up.

Many thanks for such enjoyable reading.

Glenn Duffee

I have successfully subscribed to TVR. I presume instructions will follow via e-mail. I have resisted the temptation to subscribe to online journals until now. I was first tempted by, but their editorial slant drifted from my interests and sensibilities. TVR, on the other hand, has been a delight to read, and I'm pleased that only a pittance is required to subscribe.

Thomas Carpenter

Payment of $4.95 was made for yearly subscription to The Vocabula Review. Thank you for providing me with challenging information that helps me "kick it up a notch."

Marion Manigo

I've sent payment of $9.95 through the Amazon Honor System to receive Vocabula Review by email for one year. Thank you for your work on this website, and I'm confident it will be a worthwhile investment.

Douglas LeBlanc

I would like to subscribe to your brilliant magazine but the procedure to send money from India abroad is very tedious. Is there some agent here in India who I can send the equivalent (Rs. 250/- approx.) Rupees to?

Or can I treat you guys to a few beers the next time you're down in Goa?

Cecil Pinto

Thanks so much for being literate. I am sending you a check for $9.95 — could I get the paper version?

What a great little publication — and much needed today.

Caryl Johnston

Well, after not reading TVR for a few months, while I got used to the idea of my first online use of my credit card, I've done it! Via Amazon. And I'm looking forward to reading it again.

Lyn Yeowart

I have paid for a subscription to your fine publication via PayPal. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Ryan Lord

To let you know that I have today dispatched bank check (cheque in my parlance of course) for USD10.00 so that I will be able to continue downloading the excellent Vocabula Review. I must say that although I winced when the figure was put to me converted into local currency with bank charges added, I proceeded with the transaction because there is no doubt that the product is worth it. Seriously, the monthly issues have been highlights of my life because like all language people, I enjoy reading what people that I agree with say about other people's use and misuse of language. Please keep up the good work.

Barbara Hau'ofa

I don't know exactly why I object to paying for an online pub. But for some reason, I do. I am thinking about the matter. Perhaps I will figure out some way past my unease, which is not rational, I am certain.

You do a great job — it's not anything personal.

Bethany Dumas

Enclosed is payment for two gift subscriptions. Thanks for this spirited and intelligent contribution.

Richard McCord

I am very pleased with The Vocabula Review. The reading of William Hazlitt's essay is itself worth the membership fee.

Tucker Carrington

Too good to miss. Now I won't.

Jerry White

Just found your publication and loved it. Paid through Amazon. Can't wait to get at old essays. Thanks, this is great.

Tom Dewey

I have established an account with and charged $20 on my credit card for Vocabula. There is everything about Vocabula that I love, and I thank you for your good work.

Allan Fineberg

I have just subscribed to TVR through Amazon. Please advise as to how I become a member with a screen name and password. I love your website.

Katie Irving

I have used Amazon to pay you the $4.95. I think that it is fantastic value.

James Walsh

I'm doing all I can to spread the word about your fine website. I've enclosed my $4.95. Keep up the good work.

Larry Bromley

Thanks for being there. I have enclosed a check to cover my own subscription and a gift subscription (birthday surprise). As soon as I'm able, I'll send more money!

Elaine Giddis

Actually, I do want to subscribe to your lively bulletin. Would like to do it the old-fashioned way, with a check. What is your snail-mail address? I know you sent it earlier, but it does not seem to be on this reminder. Keep up the good work.

Richard McCord

I would like to enroll both my children as "votaries" and pay for it. What should I do? Send their names and e-mail addresses and make payment via Amazon or whatever? Then, how would they get their passwords? Kindly advise. PS I love Vocabula.

Paul Redmond

I have finally sent my $9.95 [for TVR via Email] to you via Amazon. Thank you so much for a wonderful publication.

Joyce K. Cole

I just paid for Vocabula Review via Amazon. Twas Easy! But they only accepted 50 dollars. ... You might you use that extra money for and both of whom are writers and will love it as much as I do. Thanks for the hard work.

Wendy Orange

Dang ... you could have charged twice that amount and it'd still be a terrific value.

Susan Takemori

I do like the work you do on the Vocab. Review and I have promised my $5 through

Margot Haynes

Yesterday I dropped my check in the mail, but I forgot to include an e-mail address so I could log in to read your always interesting Review. Thanks for the good publication.

Daniel Wise

I sent you a check for $4.95 today. I enjoy TVR immensely. Thanks!


I just paid for a subscription through Amazon. I look forward to receiving my password.

Martha Schueneman

I have gladly paid the subscription fee (through Amazon).

Richard Northrup

I am mailing my subscription check today. Good luck.

C. H. Elster

I've just paid my $4.95 for continued enjoyment and education through TVR. Thank you for your service!

Marlene Board

I paid $4.95 through for my TVR subscription. Thank you very much for continuing your publication

Reid Jacobson

I enclose $4.95 for a year of your estimable publication.

Michael Short

Paid subscription May 12. Thanks for a great site.

Barry Goodman

$4.95 per year for a subscription to TVR?! That's outrageous! It should be $4.95 per month, at least, and a bargain at that.

Rebecca Farmer

I am more than happy to pay the subscription and I would not like to miss any issues.

Pauline Waugh

This must have been a hard decision to make, but I think it's a sensible one. I'll happily pay for TVR — I'd pay more, actually for its unique perspective.

Sarah Skwire

I've (gladly) paid through PayPal.

Pen Pearson

It is my pleasure to subscribe.

Jeffrey Prusski

I have this morning made a payment to you through, and am delighted to do so, since I value your publication enormously.

Patrick Tull

I just wanted you to know that I have unsubscribed... but not for the reason you may think.

Personally, I'd be happy to pay only $4.95 for a year's subscription. I have enjoyed the Vocabula Review for a long time and wouldn't miss it for the world. However, I'm going to be without Internet service for a few months, so I've had to temporarily cancel my subscription. When I get my Internet service back, one of the first things I plan on doing is subscribing to your wonderful publication again.

Keep up the good work.

Kathy Kurth

It is a pleasure to inform you that I have subscribed. I always enjoy your fine work and publication.

James T. Keating

I sent a payment of $9.95 to get the e-mail version of Vocabula Review last week. Does that mean I also have to send you another $4.95 for full access? If so, I will do it. It's a great magazine and I support it fully.

Ron Carr

I just subscribed, happily. Continue the good work.

Jane Mead

I have paid. TVR is well worth it.

Rosemary Hulce

I just sent you a $10.00 donation via Thanks for making the price so reasonable. Best wishes, and I look forward to continuing to receive your publication.

Liz Augustine

Sent a payment through this morning for $25.00. You're at least 5 times more valuable than you imagine you are!

Jo Anna Bashforth

It's worth $4.95 a month.

Barbara Bates

My cheque will be in the mail today. I sure hope Vocabula Review will continue to appear for many years to come.

Habeeb Salloum

I have just subscribed. I hope you will be able to continue to publish!

John Wilson

Glad to do it! Putting check in the mail today.

Susan Farrington

You should have made it $5.00!

Beth Morrison

Your ezine is too important to lose, and it deserves a wider audience.

Trevor Lockwood

Payment made — with pleasure

Dinah Witchel

I just paid $4.95. Good luck, and keep up the good work.

Lee Bowie

I have just paid the $4.95 subscription — an outrageous amount! — via Amex.

Kim Lockwood

I've only read one issue of TVR but am more than happy to pay the meager $4.95. Thanks for offering both Amazon and PayPal — made it easy! keep up the good work — i'm awfully afraid our numbers are dwindling (those for whom accurate language usage is important).

Linda Roth

If I got it right (and I think I did :-> ), I just paid for a one-year subscription to The Vocabula Review, through the Amazon site.

I've been enjoying it for ages and at $4.95 I consider it a bargain! Even with the (sniff!) foreign-currency exchange rate I assume I'll have to deal with.

Florence Weekes

I just paid my obolus at Thank you for providing your instructive service.

Jochen Wachter

It was a pleasure to send you my $4.95 subscription via Amazon.

Nell Minow

Thanks for a great site and great articles. You are clarity in world of chaos!

David Garnett

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