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Language News

Is Chinese drowned in the sea of English?

What are words worth?

Do they speak English in Australia?

Our evolving 'slanguage'

You can put !!!!!! on that celebration

Poll of most irritating phrases

Can you, LIKE, stop saying 'like'?

Grammar crusade spells bestseller

"Wardrobe malfunction" named top phrase

Talking the Edutalk

Sup dawg: Get the low-down on teen lingo

Low marks for pupils who use soap opera slang in their exams

British deputy PM's struggles with English language

Attitudes to language in Europe

Samuel Johnson's peculiar dictionary

Finnish elite speaks English

Immigrant citizenship classes planned

English language skills acquire importance

Oxford adds blog, bada bing to dictionary

A tramp who revamped the English language

Wordsmiths get own 'funplex' in revised Merriam-Webster

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