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The Vocabula Review

I am pleased to be a contributor to The Vocabula Review, which is an important undertaking and one, by my reckoning, squarely on the side of the angels. — Joseph Epstein

I am exceedingly impressed with the job you are doing with The Vocabula Review. — Richard Lederer

You have created a marvelous website. I have referred several others to it since discovering it recently. — David Cay Johnston

I admire how you're putting together all these informative articles. As the former editor of a law journal (for more than a decade), I know how much work goes into assembling and editing all the pieces. Congratulations. — Bryan A. Garner

More Good Words

The Vocabula Review — not meant to be solely a forum for our prejudices — invites readers to submit essays about issues related to the English language, culture, and society. We encourage writers to submit essays about what they themselves think. Well-written, insightful, creative essays are far more appealing to us than overreferenced, overannotated essays. What's important to us is not what everyone else has ever thought but a clear presentation of one's own thoughts. Today, there are few opportunities for people to enjoy the freedom that comes with writing for oneself and others in a nonacademic way. The Vocabula Review offers one such opportunity.

Here are some of the authors who have written for The Vocabula Review. If you'd like to submit an essay to Vocabula, please email it to the editor.

We are interested in publishing essays on many language-related topics, including these:

• Grammar

If you're a teacher or professor of English and have an interest in writing a regular column about English grammar, please let us know.

• Prose rhythm and rhetoric

If you're a professor of rhetoric who can regularly write about figures of speech, please let us know.

• Glossaries of words used in various disciplines and specialties

If you're an amateur lexicographer who has compiled dictionaries or word lists in various areas and disciplines, please let us know.

• How bad language affects society

If you're a student of how people speak and write and have an interest in writing a regular column about how bad language affects understanding and even, if you can make the case, society, please let us know.

• Politeness and language

• Badly written memos

• The academic demiworld

If you're an English professor and have insight into the underpinnings of academic policy and decision-making as it relates to teaching English, please let us know.

We also are interested in publishing the following features:

Personal Essay: We occasionally publish personal essays (which need not be about language). We are not interested in fiction, nor are we interested in essays about politics or religion, but we are interested in essays about what you have thought, what you have felt, what you have experienced. We mostly expect your submission, whatever its topic, to be well written. Use clichés, slang, or swear words, and you can be sure we will not be interested. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but we do not accept previously published work.

Poetry: We are not now publishing poetry.

Newsworthy: We do occasionally reprint newspaper, magazine, or blog articles that discuss contemporary issues about language.

Book Excerpt: Authors, editors, and publicists are welcome to submit excerpts of books about words and language for possible publication.

Please email all submissions (either in the body of an email or as an attachment) to editor@vocabula.com. We accept unsolicited submissions. Include a biographical sketch with your submission.

If you are unfamiliar with The Vocabula Review and what we publish, you might subscribe. Reading TVR will give you the best sense of what we are inclined to publish. At the very least, look at the essay and poetry titles we have published over the last twelve years:

Essay Archive
Poetry Archive

We are also interested in offering audio versions of the essays and poems we do publish.

The Vocabula Review reports within one or two months, but usually within a week or two. If you have not heard from us after two months, please assume that we will be unable to use your submission.

Although we cannot, at this time, pay anyone for the right to publish an essay or poem, we can assure you of a large and intelligent readership.

To authors new to Vocabula who do not subscribe, we will give either one free month's access to Vocabula or one year's subscription to Vocabula for $25 (instead of the normal $40). Please mention your preference.

Authors retain the copyrights to their material. If an essay or poem originally published in Vocabula is reprinted in another publication, the author receives 50 percent of any fee collected by Vocabula.

See also: Authors' pictures

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