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The Vocabula Review

The Vocabula Review recommends, unreservedly, the following books about words and language. The books listed in "The Bookshelf" are uncommonly well written and informative.


Robert Hartwell Fiske: The Dictionary of Concise Writing

Robert Hartwell Fiske: The Dimwit's Dictionary

C. T. Onions: Modern English Syntax

Arthur Quinn: Figures of Speech: Sixty Ways to Turn a Phrase

H. W. Fowler and F. G. Fowler: The King's English

Herbert Read: English Prose Style

F. L. Lucas: Style

Robert Graves and Alan Hodge: The Reader Over Your Shoulder

Bryan A. Garner: Garner's Modern American Usage

N. H., S. K., P. S. Mager: Power Writing, Power Speaking

H. W. Fowler: Fowler's Modern American Usage

Bergen Evans and Cornelia Evans: A Dictionary of Contemporay American Usage

Willard R. Espy: The Garden of Eloquence: A Rhetorical Bestiary

Ernest Gowers: The Complete Plain Words

Wilson Follett: Modern American Usage: A Guide

Otto Jespersen: Essentials of English Grammar

Robert Hartwell Fiske: 101 Wordy Phrases

Robert Hartwell Fiske: 101 Foolish Phrases

Robert Hartwell Fiske: 101 Elegant Paragraphs

Gary Lutz: Grammar Desk Reference

Robert Hartwell Fiske: The Dictionary of Disagreeable English, Deluxe Edition

If you are a publicist, publisher, writer, or editor interested in having your book listed on these pages, let us know.

We ask only that you send us three or more copies of your book. We will then consider the book for Vocabula's imprimatur and inclusion in "The Bookshelf."

Not every book we review will be listed in "The Bookshelf," but we will freely advertise every book we receive (so long as there are at least three copies) by offering it to the first few Vocabula readers to donate a certain sum to The Vocabula Review. We will also link the book to Amazon or another site that sells the book. The ads remain online for as long as we have copies of the book.

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