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[The Vocabula Review] is an online journal about the English language. For an annual fee of $4.95, the subscriber gets access to a rich array of articles and features about the use and abuse of English. It is a useful resource for teachers who want to stay up to date about contemporary usage and participate in discussions about language issues. ... The feature articles, organized and archived into monthly issues, are often by well-known writers. The topics are interesting and the comments illuminating. ... Teachers will find many instructive and amusing tidbits in that can be well imported into the classroom by encouraging interest in and respect for the power of language. — The College Board AP Central

17,900 Hits
On Tuesday, July 30, TVR had more than 17,900 visitors — beating our earlier record of 14,500.

Fiske on NPR
On August 7, Glenn Mitchell will interview Robert Hartwell Fiske on KERA (90.1).

Orlet in Utne
Chris Orlet's "The Last Words," first published in the March 2002 issue of The Vocabula Review, has been reprinted in the July/August 2002 issue of Utne Reader.