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We welcome your submitting MP3 recordings of essays or poems to TVR Radio 2.

We would like TVR Radio 2 to be a database of literary recordings. That is, if you enjoy reading aloud and read well, you might record, for example, Lucky's soliloquy or a few paragraphs from Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy or a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins or an essay by Virginia Woolf or Edward Dahlberg or H. L. Mencken.

If we like your recording, we'll add it to this database. Send your MP3 files to Have questions?


Author Work Read By Time Genre Listen
Charles Lamb From "Poor Relations" RHF 1:20 Essay Listen
Algernon Charles Swinburne A Leave-Taking RHF 2:59 Poem Listen
William Hazlitt From "On the Pleasure of Hating" RHF 1:08 Essay Listen

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