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November 2009, Vol. 11, No. 11 Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Poem Francis Blessington
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Saint Teresa's
waxed eyes
woke at her first funeral.

So in the Leichenhäuser
of Victorian Munich
the unsure dead
waiting for days,

growing hair,
groaning gases,
crossing arms
when the lid opens.

But also dead uncles, spotted
near fires or murrains,
stapled in the coffin
with steel stakes.

The watchers in that Dead House, too,
and the listeners
for the bell strung to a finger.

So the later phone,
the Houdini hoax
or Mary B. Eddy.
The window in the vault.

Fear of early burial.
Fear of death.
And fear of the Lazarus Sign,
the locked dead,

The Great Majority
judging, ringing back,
blackmailing, demanding treats.

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Francis Blessington

Francis Blessington :: Move me   Francis Blessington's essays have appeared in Arion, The Classical Bulletin, Milton Quarterly, The Sewanee Review, The Vocabula Review, and elsewhere. His poems have appeared in Appalachia, Arion, Arizona Quarterly, Cumberland Poetry Review, The Christian Science Monitor, The Dalhousie Review, Denver Quarterly, The Florida Review, Frank, Harvard Magazine, International Poetry Review, Light, New Letters, The Sewanee Review, The Southern Humanities Review, The Southern Review, Southern Poetry Review, The Vocabula Review, Willow Springs, Yale Literary Magazine, Yankee, and in many other journals. He has also had two books of poetry published: Wolf Howl and Lantskip. Among his other books are Paradise Lost and the Classical Epic and Paradise Lost: A Student's Companion to the Poem.

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