Invest in Vocabula

Though Vocabula is a private company, we will sell "shares in Vocabula" to interested parties. Each share costs $1500.00. For your investment in Vocabula, you have ready access to its editor and a say in editorial decisions and marketing strategies. You would, in effect, compose our editorial board.

For your $1500.00 investment in Vocabula, we will also give you a lifelong subscription to The Vocabula Review, and we will give, in your name, a yearlong Vocabula site license to the library or institution of your choice (itself a $1500 value).

You may buy as many shares as you like: buy ten or more shares, and we will invite you to be on our Board of Directors; buy 100 or more shares, and you, or your nominee, will be in the running to, one day, be Vocabula's editor.


Or mail a check, made payable to The Vocabula Review, to:

The Vocabula Review
5A Holbrook Court
Rockport, MA 01966
United States