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Robert Hartwell Fiske is the editor and publisher of The Vocabula Review, since 1999 an online journal about the English language, and certainly the principal web destination for anyone interested in words and language.

He is the author of:

Silence, Language, & Society: A guide to style and meaning, grace and compassion
The Dimwit's Dictionary
The Dictionary of Concise Writing
The Dictionary of Disagreeable English
101 Wordy Phrases
101 Foolish Phrases
101 Elegant Paragraphs
Speaking of Silence (or Agnes and Otto)

He is the editor of:

Vocabula Bound 1: Outbursts, Insights, Explanations, and Oddities
Vocabula Bound 2: Our Wresting, Writhing Tongue
• And, with Laura Cherry, Poem, Revised: 54 Poems, Revisions, Discussions

Robert Remarks

I am looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time work as an editor, writer, or consultant. Read more here. If you'd like to hire me or if you'd like to see my resume, email me.

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