Fiskeian Words

These words have been coined or defined by Robert Hartwell Fiske.

cacolloquium n. a meeting or discussion during which insulting, unkind words are used and welcome.

dimwitticism n. a commonplace, worn-out remark or phrase; expressions that dull our reason and dim our insight; formulas that we rely on when we are too lazy to express what we think or even to discover how we feel.

ding-a-linguist n. a descriptive linguist.

fiske v. 1. to rail against dull-witted lexicographers and descriptive linguists. 2. to point out unconscionable stupidity. 3. to battle mercilessly and relentlessly; to attack. 4. to be criticized by Robert Hartwell Fiske.

laxicographer n. a hopelessly descriptive lexicographer.

Still other words

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