Free Advertising in TVR

We will freely advertise word- or language-related books in The Vocabula Review in exchange for copies of these books. TVR will advertise the book (and link to a website such as Amazon that sells the book) by offering it to the first five or so TVR readers to donate a certain sum to The Vocabula Review. The ads remain online for as long as we have copies of the book. If you are a publicist, publisher, writer, or editor interested in our offer, please email us.

Each of the special-offer ads appears on more than 1000 TVR pages (and this number increases each month). The ads are revolving. For a sense of how this works, click here and then scroll down to the special-offer book ad at the bottom of the righthand column. Refresh the page, and the ad changes.

All special-offer books (from publishers such as Houghton Mifflin, Penguin, Oxford, Chambers, Harcourt, Perseus, Yale, Harvard,) are also listed on these pages.

If you'd rather place a more permanent ad, one that is nonrevolving, please see Advertising in TVR.