Unscrambler FAQs

The newly recoded Vocabula Word Unscrambler is faster than ever; it may be the fastest word unscrambler on the Web.

1. English: If, when you search on the English list (which has some 315,000 entries), an error message says the website is unavailable, search on the OED, ENABLE, or Moby list. Then try the English list again.

2. OED: Listed here are some 120,000 words from the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

3. Latin: The Latin list includes more than 75,000 words.

4. Spanish: The Spanish list includes more than 85,000 words.

5. ENABLE: The Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE) is a public domain list of more than 173,000 words. Enable is one of the most researched and authoritative word lists available for Scrabble players. Enable isn't limited to words under an arbitrary length, so it is also suitable for other word games such as Anagrams and Clabbers, and crossword puzzle solving.

6. Moby: Grady Ward's Moby project released its various word lists to the public domain in the late 1990s. This list contains nearly 235,000 entries.