Votaries of Vocabula

Do you prize well-spoken, well-written language? Do you believe all right is correct and alright is nonsense, that predominant is an adjective and predominate a verb, that they and them are exclusively plural pronouns, that blithering politicians ought not to be elected to higher office, that a society is generally as lax as its language? If so, you may want to become a Votary of Vocabula.

As a Votary of Vocabula, you are entitled to:

A one-year subscription (for you or a friend) to The Vocabula Review.
A Vocabula tank-top.
One of our $10 or $15 special-offer books.
A Votary of Vocabula membership card.

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If you also want your own Vocabula email address (YourName@vocabula.com), the cost is an additional $30.95 a year.

If you do not wish to become a Votary of Vocabula, the cost of a Vocabula email account is $40.95 a year.


IMAP optional


Email aliasing
Unlimited catch-all
Ability to rename mailboxes
Rules functionality including auto-responders and filters
Anti-virus protection applied to all incoming and outgoing messages
10 MB of storage, with optional additional storage available
SSL encryption of mail to/from server
Shared folders
30-day money back guarantee
Unlimited bandwidth transfer
End user and email administrator online management interfaces
Password creation and maintenance
Online customer self-support tools

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votary: a devotee, enthusiast, or fan