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The Vocabula Review

January 2014, Vol. 16, No. 1

•  Plain Talk, or the Case of the Vanishing Vocabulary by David Galef
•  A Debate with Lane Greene on P. vs. D. — First Installment byMark Halpern and Robert Lane Greene
•  Louis by Bill Casselman
•  Honoring the Word Police by David Cay Johnston
•  The Lantern of Diogenes Illuminates Proper Usage by Richard Lederer
•  Legal Jargon — Part 5: Jurisdiction by James Csank
•  Vocabula Revisited: Dorothy Parker and Clapping by Richard Carter
•  Toward the Making of a Sentence
•  Scarcely Used Words
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

February 2014, Vol. 16, No. 2

  English "Gym" Words Began as Openly Homoerotic by Bill Casselman
•  Homage to Salvatore by John Kilgore
•  Fanny Assingham's Offspring: Misnomers and Ill-Gotten Names by Skip Eisiminger
•  How Many Ways Can You Say, "Happy Valentine's Day"? by Richard Lederer
•  Legal Jargon — Part 6: The Fiduciary Family by James Csank
•  Poverty in Literature by Clark Elder Morrow
•  The Ultimate Legal Thriller by Kevin Mims
•  Toward the Making of a Sentence
•  Scarcely Used Words
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

March 2014, Vol. 16, No. 3

•  Signs of the Apocalypse: Bumper Stickers by Skip Eisiminger
•  A Debate with Lane Greene on P. vs. D. — Second Installment by Mark Halpern and Robert Lane Greene
•  Taboo Euphemisms by Richard Lederer
•  Unusual Desert Words Like Hammada, Erg, and Médano by Bill Casselman
•  George Orwell and "Intellectual Honesty" by Clark Elder Morrow
•  Late Capitalism in the Artworld: The Arrival of a Cliché by Kerr Houston
•  SAT or Sad? by Susan Lear Weisgrau
•  Legal Jargon — Part 7: The Ohio D&D by James Csank
•  Vocabula Revisited: What's in a Name? by Marion DS Dreyfus
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

April 2014, Vol. 16, No. 4

•  Excarnation by Bill Casselman
•  Today We Have Naming of Cocktails by Clark Elder Morrow
•  Never Say Die by Richard Lederer
•  As Was Said of Old: Proverbs by Skip Eisiminger
•  Notes on the Secret History of English by John Kilgore
•  Happy 175th Birthday to Our Most Famous American Word by Richard Lederer
•  Legal Jargon — Part 8: On Forclosures by James Csank
•  Vocabula Revisited: Another Plea for Avoidance of "Singular They" by Robert Hollander
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

May 2014, Vol. 16, No. 5

•  Does the Academic Essay Teach Students to Write by Linda Hall
•  I Ponder As I Pander: The Tragical History of a Once Noble Word by Clark Elder Morrow
•  April Showers Bring an Anthology of Flowery Words by Richard Lederer
•  A Debate with Lane Greene on P. vs. D. — Third Installment by Mark Halpern and Robert Lane Greene
•  Pneuma & Pneumon by Bill Casselman
•  Fiction: NIVH: by Michael Gorman
•  Vocabula Revisited: Too Wretched for Words by Christopher Orlet
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

June 2014, Vol. 16, No. 6

•  Positive Negatives by Jean Mallinson
•  Many Words Began in Religion by Richard Lederer
•  Ads Infinitum: Advertising by Skip Eisiminger
•  Culture and Society: Anomie of the State by Clark Elder Morrow
•  A Mallet, a Fire-Dart, a Molotov Cocktail and Charlemagne's Grandfather by Bill Casselman
•  Scribble, Scribble, Scribble: Teaching Students the Essay by Jeff Minick
•  Vocabula Revisited: Strunk vs. White: An Analysis of Authorship by David Russinoff
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

July 2014, Vol. 16, No. 7

•  Aristotle on (or Rather All Around) Rhetoric by Clark Elder Morrow
•  Code Switching: It is Time to Abrazar It by JoAnn Allen
•  William Shakespeare: A Man of Many Titles by Richard Lederer
•  Culture and Society: Reparations: Don't Go There by John Kilgore
•  The Ultimate Insult for Macho Jerks by Bill Casselman
•  Personal Essay: Unweaving the Rainbow: Light by Skil Eisiminger
•  Vocabula Revisited: Enter the Universal Buttock by Carey Harrison
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

August 2014, Vol. 16, No. 8

•  Duty, Honor, Country by Verónica Albin
•  Telling It Slant by Marylaiine Block
•  Photoelectric, Baby: A Linguist Tackles Physics by Ada Brunstein
•  English Words Borrowed from Chinese by Bill Casselman
•  Why Linguists Are Not to Be Trusted on Language Usage by Mark Halpern
•  The Uses of Euphony by John Kilgore
•  The "Rot" of Henry James by Clark Elder Morrow
•  Best Words
•  Worst Word

September 2014, Vol. 16, No. 9

•  Unsentimental Journey by Joseph Epstein
•  A Vault of Ninnies or a Dance of Fools by Bill Casselman
•  A Debate with Lane Greene on P. vs. D. — Fourth Installment by Mark Halpern and Robert Lane Greene
•  From Pegasus to Pegasaurus: Myth and Language by Skip Eisiminger
•  Ambiguous Pronouns: Just Who are "They"? by Ken Bresler
•  The English Language Means Business by Richard Lederer
•  On the Right Side of History, or on the Side of the Angels? by Clark Elder Morrow
•  Vocabula Revisited: Grammar Rules byJim Sanderson
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

October 2014, Vol. 16, No. 10

•  What's in a Name? by Richard Lederer
•  Wood Words by Bill Casselman
•  Weeding the Rain Forest: Autobiography by Skip Eisiminger
•  The Ambiguity of "12:00 A.M." and "12:00 P.M." by Ken Bresler
•  Utterly and Completely Amazing! by Susan Lear Weisgrau
•  Personal Essay: Remembering Bart: A Tribute to Our Fallen Furry Friend by Richard Lederer
•  Vocabula Revisited: Doctoring Language by David Isaacson
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words

November 2014, Vol. 16, No. 11

•   Samara, Pappus, and Other Seed Words Extraordinaire by Bill Casselmen
•   I Think; Therefore, Iamb: Rhythm and Rime by Skip Eisiminger
•   To the Eighteenth Century and Beyond! by Clark Elder Morrow
•   Book Review: Gwynne's Grammar by N. M. Gwynne and The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker by Joseph Epstein
•   Culture and Society: Race: The New Prudery by Richard Lederer
•   The Differences Between Principle and Principal by Ken Bresler
•   Mashie-Niblicks of the World, Unite! by Carey Harrison
•  Best Words
•  Worst Words
•  Vocabula Quizzes

December 2014, Vol. 16, No. 12

•  The Rise of the Pomous Prefix by Michael Gorman
•   Let Me Be Perfectly Mysterious by Linda Hall
•   Infinitives in the Moonlight by John Kilgore
•   Spissament: Rare but Neat Food Word by Bill Casselman
•   From Dr Horrilibus's Book of Horrendous Rhymes by Clark Elder Morrow
•   A Dime a Dozen: Clichés by Skip Eisiminger
•   Film Review: The Imitation Game by Marion DS Dreyfus
•   Run-On Sentences for Adults: Misusing "However"
•   Vocabula Revisited: A Defense of Adjectives by Christopher Orlet

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