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Contributors' Guidelines

I am pleased to be a contributor to The Vocabula Review, which is an important undertaking and one, by my reckoning, squarely on the side of the angels.Joseph Epstein

The Vocabula Review — not meant to be solely a forum for the editor's prejudices — invites readers to submit articles about issues related to the English language. In the spirit of thoughtful inquiry and personal essays, the editor wishes to encourage writers to submit articles about what they themselves think. Well-written, insightful, creative articles are far more appealing to us than overreferenced, overannotated articles. What's important to us is not what everyone else has ever thought but a clear presentation of one's own thoughts. Today, there are few opportunities for people to enjoy the freedom that comes with writing for oneself and others in a nonacademic way. The Vocabula Review offers one such opportunity.

We are also interested in publishing poetry so long as it is no longer than fifty lines and observes some of the strictures of scansion and musicality. We are not much interested in free verse, which we feel reduces a poem's readability. We seek poems that have a more palpable form — but not so palpable, obviously, that the structure screams louder than the words sing. We further want poems that insist of being read aloud; their rhythm or rhyme demands they be read out loud. Finally, we seek poetry that shows us something we've not seen before; we want some connection made, perhaps, between things that few have thought to join. Form, music, and insight, then, are what we are looking for. Please submit at least four poems at a time.

Although we do accept previously published articles and poems, our preference is for original, never before published, pieces.

Please email all submissions to editor@vocabula.com. We accept unsolicited submissions. Include a biographical sketch with your submission.

All rights remain with the author though an article or poems published in The Vocabula Review will remain online for at least a year — and perhaps a good deal longer.

The Vocabula Review reports within one or two months, but usually within a week or two.

Robert Hartwell Fiske
The Vocabula Review
10 Grant Place
Lexington, MA 02420
United States
Tel: (781) 861-1515

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