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The Vocabula Review

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Verónica Albin Wor(l)ds

Essay Title Date
Names, Nemeses, Nameses Jan. 2008
Duty, Honor, Country April 2008
One, Two, Three July 2008

Bill Casselman Bethumped with Words

Essay Title Date
Four Northern Words Flenched Jan. 2005
The Word Ptarmigan Plooks Pfunny Feb. 2005
Snow Motto Has Ancient Source Mar. 2005
Diana Krall: The Meaning of Her Names April 2005
Latin Clavis Is the Keyword May 2005
Origin of the Racist Slur Wop June 2005
Summer and the Words for Seasons of the Year July 2005
Wog! Origin of a Racist Insult Aug. 2005
Hysteria: The Just Death of a Medical Word Sept. 2005
Sockeye Salmon: A British Columbia Word Oct. 2005
Our Naughty Bits and the Surprising Origin of Their Proper Medical Terms Nov. 2005
Hello! Ciao! Ave Atque Vale! — The Origin of Some Words of Greeting Dec. 2005
Prairie: A Word Born in a Roman Meadow Jan. 2006
The Surprising Meaning of his Surname — And Oops! Mozart's Given Name Amadeus Is Ungrammatical Latin Feb. 2006
The Names of the Great Lakes Mar. 2006
Plantagenets and Plantar Wart: Their Connection April 2006
Origin of the Name Italy May 2006
Sebum: Origin of the Word June 2006
Angelica: The Angels' Herb and Diaghilev's Surname July 2006
Origin of the Surnames Abbott and McNab Aug. 2006
The Word Lore of Birch Sept. 2006
Gougou: Canadian Monster Deluxe Oct. 2006
To Parp a Klaxon? Nov. 2006
My Lords and Ladies, Your Origins, Please! Dec. 2006
Oodles of Schnoodles: Revolting New Dog Names Jan. 2007
No Rhyme for the Word Orange? Poppycock! Feb. 2007
Autoneokakonymia: Bad Names for New Cars Mar. 2007
Oh, For the Love of Mike! Apr. 2007
Yo Coach! May 2007
A Swarm of Bee Words June 2007
The Vein with the Wrong Name July 2007
Cappuccino and Its Monkish Origin Aug. 2007
A Blunt History of the Word Cunt Sept. 2007
Skater-Punk Onomastics: Avril Lavigne's Names Oct. 2007
Sputnik: True Origin of the Word Nov. 2007
Catnip, Catnap, and Cat Word Dec. 2007
Champagne: Origin of the Name Jan. 2008
The Cryosphere Is Not the World of Soap Operas Feb. 2008
The Latin Word for Rope: Funis Mar. 2008
Dimitri Anatolevich Medvedev: Etymology of the Names of the New Russian President April 2008
English Words Borrowed from Chinese May 2008
Twat: The Origin of a Rude Word June 2008
Juniper & Gin: From Landscape to Larynx July 2008
Of Lariats, Lassoes, & Lou Dobbs Aug. 2008
Barack Obama: The True Meaning of His Given Name Sept. 2008
Lake Huron Is a Racist Insult Oct. 2008
Rare Verbal Gems Nov. 2008
What's Behind the Word Fanny? Dec. 2008
Nano-scaffold and a New Etymology of its Greek Root nanos Jan. 2009
Peanut: Arachis Hypogaea — Origin of the Names Feb. 2009
A Goy Gives the Origin of Four Yiddish Words? A Chaloshes! Mar. 2009
Ponzi: Caught in the Wizard's Womb of Fraud April 2009
Vampire Squids from Hell: Odd Names in Zoology May 2009
Nudnik, Nogoodnik, and Nu: the Russian Origins of Three Yiddish Words June 2009
Soap and Its Word Origin July 2009
Galilee: Origin of a Hebrew Place Name Sept. 2009
A Figment of Etymology Oct. 2009
Etymology of a Loaded Word: Celibate Nov. 2009
Bastard! Dec. 2009
Obscure Verbs of Leaping Jan. 2010
Schiaparelli: A Renowned Coutourière’s Italian Surname Traced to Its Origins Feb. 2010
Hat Trick Mar. 2010
It's Wrong, Deer. Quite Wrong! April 2010
St. John's Wort: Its Benefits Both Mystical and Medical May 2010
Frog! The Origin of a Racist Insult June 2010
Potty-Mouth: Clean Thoughts on a "Dirty" Synonym July 2010
Chode/Chod: A Newish Dirty Word Aug. 2010
Circus: The Origin of the Word Sept. 2010
Windigo: Cannibal Fiend of the North Woods Oct. 2010
Horse Sense Nov. 2010
Herb as Word Dec. 2010
Winterbourne, a Winter Word Jan. 2011
The Bogus Word Paraprosdokian and Lazy Con Artists of Academe Feb. 2011
The Origin of Amuse Is Not Amusing! Mar. 2011
Tabula Rasa: A Useful Latin Phrase April 2011
Billet-Doux May 2011
The Many Names of Egypt June 2011

Adam Freedman Letter of the Law

Essay Title Date
Don't Want Clever Conversation Oct. 2007
All About Eaves Nov. 2007
William Shakespeare, Attorney-at-Law Dec. 2007
Meet John Doe Jan. 2008
Food, Felonies, and Fun Feb. 2008
Poetic Justice Mar. 2008
Taxing Vocabulary April 2008
Heir Today May 2008
Habeas Corpus and All That June 2008
Meet the Flintlocks July 2008
A Lawyer by Any Other Name Aug. 2008
Faith Lift Sept. 2008
The World According to TARP Oct. 2008
Footnotes* Nov. 2008
Nice Work Dec. 2008
Don't Be Cruel Jan. 2009
When Corporations Fall in Love Feb. 2009
Patently Obvious Mar. 2009
Excuses, Excuses April 2009
Frenemy Combatants May 2009
Fleeting Expletives June 2009
1776 and All That July 2009
Wee the People Sept. 2009
The Most Important Word in the Constitution Oct. 2009
Mid the Canon's Roar Nov. 2009
Criminal Slanguage Dec. 2009
Is Washington Filibusted? Jan. 2010
Boilerplate Special Feb. 2010
Cents and Sensibility Mar. 2010
Taxonomy and Spend April 2010
Well, I'll Be Hanged May 2010

Amalia Gnanadesikan Postcards from Babel

Essay Title Date
Of Mangoes, Curry, and Catamarans May 2004
All the Rivers Around Here Are Dutch June 2004
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe July 2004
On Withstanding Werewolves Sept. 2004
The Man Who Died of Thirst in the Dessert Oct. 2004
On Learning to Read Nov. 2004
Turtles All the Way Down Jan. 2005
A Grimm Tale Feb. 2005
Conversations with the Dead Mar. 2005
Travels of an Eggplant May 2005
The Way We Talk Anymore June 2005
Are We Related? July 2005
Words Are Not Enough Sept. 2005
Mouths of Babes Oct. 2005
Change and Decay: Confessions of a Descriptive Linguist Dec. 2005
Language: Going to the Dogs? Jan. 2006
Design Your Own Language April 2006
For Your Ears Only June 2006
The Sound of One Hand Clapping Jan. 2007
Where Are You From? Apr. 2007
The Three Little Pigs Learn Latin Sept. 2007
Lies My Alphabet Told Me Aug. 2008
Gained in Translation Jan. 2009
A Charm of Powerful Trouble April 2009
When Is a Language Not a Language? June 2009
tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? (Do You Speak Klingon?) Jan. 2010
The Stuff of Thought Sept. 2010
Please Don't Say What You Mean Dec. 2010

Mark Halpern The Critical Reader

Essay Title Date
The Meaning of Postmodernism in an Age of Terrorism July 2002
Must We Burn Roget?; Elliott on Imperialism Aug. 2002
The Meaning of Objectivity: Part 1 Nov. 2002
The Meaning of Objectivity: Part 2 Dec. 2002
Orwell Suffers the Death of a Thousand Cuts Feb. 2003
Our Friends, the Paradox and the Problem Mar. 2003
"It's Safe to Predict ..." — Yes, Unfortunately April 2003
An Ode to Science: Bird Thou Never Wert May 2003
O, What a Noble Mind Is Here O'erthrown: Posner on Plagiarism June 2003
Professor Trudgill Is Puzzled July 2003
Birds of a Feather: On Hating "Hate" Aug. 2003
Erin McKean and Robert Hartwell Fiske on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Sept. 2003
Replies to Michael Glazer, David Wilton, and Bob McHenry Oct. 2003
Two Worrisome Thoughts Nov. 2003
A Sipid List That Will Live in Famy: Unrecorded Positives Formed from Unbalanced Negatives Feb. 2004
Editing as You Would Be Edited: Part I April 2004
Editing as You Would Be Edited: Part II May 2004
Editing as You Would Be Edited: Part III June 2004
Editing as You Would Be Edited: Part IV July 2004
Editing as You Would Be Edited: Part V Aug. 2004
Editing as You Would Be Edited: Part VI Sept. 2004
Key Words of Our Time: Fuzzy Logic Nov. 2004
Key Words of Our Time: Order of Magnitude Dec. 2004
Key Words of Our Time: Curling up with a Good Dimension Jan. 2005
When a Species Needs a Pal Mar. 2005
Three Reflections on American Humanistic Scholarship May 2005
Just a Few Rotten Apples, or Duffy's Dopiness June 2005
As for Killing, Our Servants Will Do That for Us Sept. 2005
Critical Terms: Taxes — Do We Hate the Word or the Thing? Nov. 2005
A Descriptivist Manifesto: Geoffrey Pullum Sets Us All Straight July 2006
Richard Posner, Expert on Plagiarism, Fails to Copy from Someone When It Counts Feb. 2007
On the Internet, Everyone Is a Dog: A Review Apr. 2007
The Trojan Laptop Jan. 2008
The Root of Political Correctness Feb. 2008
You Make Me Sick: Symptoms as Arguments July 2008
Rescuing the Hero Aug. 2008
Through Darkest Internet with Miss Thistlebottom as Guide and Protector Sept. 2008
Some Problems with Editors (or Private Vices, Public Benefits) Dec. 2008
Prescriptivism and Descriptivism: What Are They at Root? May 2009
Prescriptivism and Descriptivism, Part 2: A Descriptivist in Action June 2009
An Appreciation: G. J. Toomer, John Selden: A Life in Scholarship May 2010

Carey Harrison Harrison's Corner

Essay Title Date
May Days May 2005
Dog-Days June 2005
Hey-Days July 2005
Away-Days Aug. 2005
Oy-weh! Days Sept. 2005
Gray Days Oct. 2005
Hurrah-Days Nov. 2005
Outré-Days Dec. 2005
Pass/Fail Days Jan. 2006
The Pigeons on the Grass, Alas Mar. 2006
Dipthongs in the Wind April 2006
Prose, Not Hoes May 2006
Duffy and Quinn June 2006
Tongues on the Bench July 2006
Twice in Trouble? Aug. 2006
When the Past Was Strong Sept. 2006
News from the Front, Once More Nov. 2006
Anyone for Rhinoceri? Dec. 2006
Present-Tense Proust Project Jan. 2007
Recently, in the Cretaceous Feb. 2007
College English in the Classroom Mar. 2007
However Is for Wimps Apr. 2007
Au Revoir, Philistines May 2007
Gnome Sane? July 2007
Historic Days Aug. 2007
Millions Dead Sept. 2007
Rise of the Nothings Oct. 2007
The Last Words You'll Ever Hear Nov. 2007
Shakespeare's Sonnets Dec. 2007
Breaking the Codes Jan. 2008
"SV" Disease — Is There a Cure? Feb. 2008
Enter the Universal Buttock Mar. 2008
Connecting to the Web April 2008
The South American Novel, Alas May 2008
Me and Him Go to the Mall June 2008
Letting Bygones Be Bygones July 2008
How Was That Again? Aug. 2008
Quiz, and After Sept. 2008
Momentous News Oct. 2008
Hieroglyphics, or What Sophocles Knew Nov. 2008
Mashie-Niblicks of the World, Unite! Dec. 2008
Justine and After Jan. 2009
The Truffles of Absurdity Feb. 2009
She Seek Connie Dad Mar. 2009
Beyond Laziness April 2009
Rip Van Winkle Writes May 2009
Keisha Clothes Dirty June 2009
Bad to Worse July 2009
The Incident of the Goat Sept. 2009
Cliquez Ici Oct. 2009
A Student Writes Nov. 2009
Dangerous Men Dec. 2009
Todo es Nada Jan. 2010
Nation Out to Lunch Feb. 2010
Reflections on the Death of Learning Mar. 2010
Name That Tree April 2010
Corporate Woods May 2010
It's Out There June 2010
Shakespeare Farewell, Once More Aug. 2010
The Mole in the Earthquake Sept. 2010
Farv and Murv Oct. 2010
Swell, Buster! Nov. 2010
It's Not That Big of a Deal Dec. 2010
The Virus of Ignorance Feb. 2011
An Appreciation: The Great Mystery of Words May 2011

David Isaacson Vogue Words and Buzz Phrases

Essay Title Date
Don't Give Me Attitude Jan. 2007
Face Time and Human Interface Feb. 2007
Excremental Choices Mar. 2007
Get a Life Apr. 2007
Are You Still Working on That? May 2007
Multitasking June 2007
Awesome July 2007
Uptalk Aug. 2007
Whatever Sept. 2007
Don't Quit Your Day Job Oct. 2007
Judgmental Nov. 2007
Who "Is" We? Dec. 2007
My Bad Jan. 2008
Elitist Feb. 2008
Sharing Mar. 2008
Doctoring Language April 2008
Electronic Language: Between Speech and Writing May 2008
24-7 June 2008
Let's Not Go There July 2008
Paradigm Aug. 2008
Unctuous "We" Reconsidered Sept. 2008
Icon Oct. 2008
Closure Nov. 2008
Significant Other Dec. 2008

John Kilgore Shibboleths

Essay Title Date
Fooling the Gender Genie Jan. 2004
Love and Biology: A Valentine's Essay Feb. 2004
Of Babes and Babel May 2004
Marriage in Wonderland Sept. 2004
Comp 101 Oct. 2004
Translations from the British Nov. 2004
Frisking the Governor's Daughter: On Puns Jan. 2005
Little House in the Culture Wars April 2005
The Uses of Euphony July 2005
Crossing the Jordan: Four Meditations on Usage — Parts 1 and 2 Sept. 2005
Crossing the Jordan: Four Meditations on Usage — Part 3 Oct. 2005
Crossing the Jordan: Four Meditations on Usage — Part 4 Nov. 2005
Dispatches from Pronoun Hell Jan. 2006
Humpty-Dumpty in Lake Woebegon: On Grades and Grade Inflation Feb. 2006
Expressive Solecism June 2006
Notes from the Department of Redundancy Department Aug. 2006
The Gypsy Canon: Idioms and Catchphrases Nov. 2006
Zombie Metaphors Mar. 2007
In Praise of Inattention Aug. 2007
War and Self-Deception Oct. 2007
Yuma Blues Feb. 2008
Shooting Stars Mar. 2008
Eviction Notices Nov. 2008
On Being a Jerk April 2009
Welcome to Country Music Feb. 2010
Notes on a Yellow Pickup Dec. 2010
Two Thousand Words About a Word April 2011
Literally Hateful June 2011

Robert Knight Knight on the Journalistic Style

Essay Title Date
How to Ensure No One Will Read Your Words: Why We Need Action Verbs and the Energy They Inject Nov. 2010
The Well-Crafted Intro Dec. 2010
Play the Music, Practice the Skill Jan. 2011
Misusing English for Propaganda and Profit Feb. 2011
Journalism? Academic, My Dear Wordsmiths Mar. 2011
Journalism, Toon-Writing and the Space–Time Continuum April 2011

Kevin Mims The Common Reader

Essay Title Date
Notes on the Inscription Affliction Jan. 2006
A Call for a Punctuation Reformation Feb. 2006
The Trouble with Trilogies, and Other Musings Mar. 2006
Language Lessons from Another World April 2006
Victoria's Secret Language May 2006
Touching the Net June 2006
The Language of Low Finance Aug. 2006
On Zoos and Refuges Oct. 2006
Big Dick and the Micrometer Man: Catchphrases from the Cubicles Nov. 2006
Requiem for a Chain Store Dec. 2006
The Sacred and the Profane: Advice on Storytelling Jan. 2007
The Jumping Man Feb. 2007
The Elemerts of Styl Mar. 2007
The Freelancer's Dilemma Apr. 2007
The Adjustor, the Vestige, and the King of Cashews May 2007
Cubicle Days June 2007
The Adventures of Steve Stryker: A Tale of the Writing Life July 2007
The Adventures of Steve Stryker: A Tale of the Writing Life — Part II Aug. 2007
The Adventures of Steve Stryker: A Tale of the Writing Life — Part III Sept. 2007
Spiral Man Oct. 2007
Chinese Whispers Nov. 2007
Them's Crying Words: "You was my brother" and Other Lines That Evoke Tears, Chills, and Sobs Dec. 2007
Captain Shiner, Sheryl Cacciatore, the Phantom Shopper, and the Thief of Dreams Jan. 2008
Kokopelli: A Tale of the Writing Life Feb. 2008
How to KISSASS Mar. 2008
Granny's Memory Book April 2008
Friends with OCD: More Adventures in Freelancing May 2008
Happy Camper? June 2008
We Are but a Moment's Sunlight: Reflections on George Carlin and Sister Frances Jacobs July 2008
The Bard of Foreclosure Aug. 2008
Schruting, Flonkerton, & Pretendinitis Sept. 2008
Halloween Reading Oct. 2008
The Celine Dialogs Nov. 2008
The WOW Factor (Or Reflections on a Year of Reading Classic Children's Books) Dec. 2008
Thinking in Sonnets Jan. 2009
Christina Rossetti: Poet, Muse, Lover Feb. 2009
Elinore Reark's Grand Tour May 2009
Still Begging the Question June 2009
Letters to Rudi Feb. 2010
Roosters: Encounters with Barry Hannah and Horton Foote Mar. 2010
Bound for the Orient April 2010
Read Any Good Maps Lately? May 2010
The Chatterlings in Wordland June 2010
The Sophie Stories July 2010
A Secret About Love Sept. 2010
The Language and Literature of the Hebrides Oct. 2010
In the Realms of the Insolvent: A Booklover Falls on Hard Times Nov. 2010
A Glutton for Publishment: A Defense of Underachievers, Middle-Aged Wannabes, and Loudon Wainwright Jr. Dec. 2010
Life Lessons from Barsetshire Jan. 2011
Dancing on Oatmeal: Helen Robertson's Grand Tour Mar. 2011

Clark Elder Morrow The Elder Statesman

Essay Title Date
Operation Spin This June 2002
Planetmates July 2002
Allegory: The Land of Hope and Glory Aug. 2002
Mr. Goldentongue Sept. 2002
The Proud and the Pitiful Oct. 2002
Crash of the Titans Nov. 2002
Movies, Masks, and Music Dec. 2002
Of Apes and Apprentices Jan. 2003
Oliver Wendell Who? Feb. 2003
A Philosophical Dialogue Between Nature and Supernature Mar. 2003
A Bit of Lit Crit for a Brit Flit Hit April 2003
A Fable May 2003
Three Studies in Style June 2003
Snarking the Wire Weenies July 2003
Cheesed Off at the Chowderheads Aug. 2003
The Bawd and the Ballerina Sept. 2003
My Life as an Owl, Part Uno Oct. 2003
My Life as an Owl, Part Dos Nov. 2003
Child's Play with Words Dec. 2003
A Queen, Not a Goddess Jan. 2004
The Forgotten Prophet Feb. 2004
Why the Early Sixties Was Better Than the Late Sixties Mar. 2004
Professor Sobersides on "Funny Words" April 2004
How Not to Write Broadway Lyrics May 2004
Oscar Wilde Meets the Cartoon Network June 2004
The Voices of Reason July 2004
Quick! Name That Threat! Aug. 2004
A Gimcrack Glossary Sept. 2004
The Lost Art of the Jeremiad Oct. 2004
What I Learned in Sin City Nov. 2004
Concerning Taste There Can Be Dispute Dec. 2004
English Romantic Poets and ... Hollywood? Jan. 2005
An Absurdly Brief History of English Prose Style Feb. 2005
Titbits from the Tanakh Mar. 2005
On Wit April 2005
Isocrates v. Joshua: Divergent Ideals of Education in Ancient Greece and Israel May 2005
Being Pithy June 2005
The Secret Lives of Letters July 2005
Are Writers Overrated? Aug. 2005
Let's Build a Poem Sept. 2005
Characters of Color Oct. 2005
Fairy Tales, Fables, and Christmas Dec. 2005
To "Era" Is Human Jan. 2006
Someone You Should Know Feb. 2006
Yestercentury Mar. 2006
Blueskying in Lotusland April 2006
Bawdy: Lifting the Skirt on a Neglected Genre May 2006
Childhood in Literature June 2006
Thoughts on a National Language Dec. 2006
Every Word a Poem Jan. 2007
A Traipse Through Johnson's Dictionary Feb. 2007
Excuse Me, But All Your Efforts Are Useless Apr. 2007
Self-Esteem vs. Self-Respect May 2007
Let Shakespeare Be Shakespeare June 2007
Deconstruction = Destruction July 2007
A Retro Look at Faculties Sept. 2007
The "Rot" of Henry James Oct. 2007
GripeFest 2007 Nov. 2007
Prayer as Literature Dec. 2007
Snake-Oiling the Critics Jan. 2008
WFB RIP Mar. 2008
Inamorata May 2008
Nobility Sept. 2008
Two Views of Jargonland Dec. 2008
Words Are Important, But Is Even God Himself a Word? July 2009
Woman as Heavenly Tour Guide Sept. 2009
Words That Need Rescuing Oct. 2009
Memory Between the Covers Nov. 2009
Anatomy of a Word (and an Obsession) Dec. 2009
Some Tools of Our Trade Jan. 2010
A Perfect Mess Mar. 2010
Me and Mr. Junkhead April 2010
A Different Sort of Scholarship May 2010
In the Classroom of the Gods June 2010
Sex Talk: A Study in Gender Differentiation July 2010
Constable and the Limits of Expression Aug. 2010
The Oracle of Eros Sept. 2010
Human Nature and Books Nov. 2010
Oscillating Words and Wandering Wombs Dec. 2010
A Primer on Sapanese Jan. 2011
Academese Feb. 2011
Fictions, Legal and Otherwise Mar. 2011
Fictions, Legal and Otherwise Mar. 2011
The Self-Mutilation of the OED April 2011
The "Pimp-Ho-John" Lexicon May 2011
The Language of Music Criticism June 2011

Chris Orlet The Last Word

Essay Title Date
Proverbs Reconsidered Sept. 2002
What's so Funny? Oct. 2002
Gibrisch Spoken Here Dec. 2002
Circling the Wagons Jan. 2003
The Vocabulary of Democracy Feb. 2003
Quoth the Maven April 2003
Purloined Letters June 2003
That Endless Refrain Aug. 2003
The Gloomiest Trade Oct. 2003
From Down Home to Decadence Nov. 2003
Too Wretched for Words Dec. 2003
When Euphemisms Die Feb. 2004
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Quantum Physics April 2004
The Man Who Taught Americans to Laugh June 2004
Fatal Language Errors Aug. 2004
Hillbilly Hamlets Oct. 2004
World's Most Irritating Phrases Dec. 2004
The Best (or Worst) Newspaper Writing? Feb. 2005
The Archeology of Words April 2005
The Language of God June 2005
New Clichés Oct. 2005
Timeless Aphorisms Dec. 2005
Wit's End Feb. 2006
A Defense of Adjectives May 2006
Guerilla Grammarians July 2006
Serendipity on the Internet Oct. 2006
No Luddite, He Dec. 2006
The Race Is Off Feb. 2007
Culture vs. Clutter April 2007
The Selfish Reader June 2007
Old School Prose Aug. 2007
Dangerous Books for Boys Oct. 2007
Disorderly Words Dec. 2007
Mother Tongue Mar. 2008
This Stupid Word May 2008
The Look-At-Me Generation July 2008

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