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  Questions About Subscribing to TVR

1. How do I get access to all the articles in The Vocabula Review?

To have access to all the articles in The Vocabula Review, you must first subscribe to The Vocabula Review.

To subscribe, click on Subscribe to TVR (this link is also located at the top of each page) and follow the directions.

2. Okay, I've subscribed. Now what?

We will email you a password — usually within minutes of your having subscribed. You now have full access to all of The Vocabula Review's pages. To read these pages, you'll need to log in (the Login link will be found to the left of TVR's slogan toward the top of the table of contents page) with your email address and assigned password. (You may also log in by clicking on any of the Feature or Department links in the rightmost column.)

If you click the "Remember my email address and password" box, you should have immediate access to all TVR pages in later visits.

3. I subscribed a few days ago, but I have not received a password. Why not?

As we make clear on the Subscribe to TVR page, once you do pay through PayPal, you need to let us know that you have paid the $40.00 fee.

4. After I've subscribed, how do I change my password or my email address?

Once you have logged in, you may, if you wish, change your password, or even your email address. You may also check when your TVR subscription expires. Click on Subscribers' Resources (this link is also located under Other Business in the rightmost column).

5. I've forgotten my password. Help.

Click on Forgotten your password?.

6. How do I buy a gift subscription for a friend or family member?

Simply pay $40.00 for each person you wish to buy a subscription for. Then email us at info@vocabula.com and tell us the email address of the person you have bought the subscription for. We will then email him or her a password and acknowledge that it is a gift from you.

7. Now that I've subscribed and you know my email address, are you going to sell it and subject me to all sorts of spam?

No, certainly not. We do not sell email addresses to anyone. As for spam, the only email you'll receive from TVR will be about TVR: the monthly email announcing that a new issue of The Vocabula Review is online (which you may easily unsubscribe from if you wish); when your subscription is about to expire, a reminder to renew; and occasional Vocabula ads and offers.

8. I paid my $40.00. I go to your site, log in successfully, and click on one of the articles. I then get another login page, and logging in again results in nothing: I stay on the login page. Would you please tell me how to receive what I have paid you to receive?

It sounds as though your browser is set up to reject cookies. Your browser must support cookies, and the option must be enabled for you to log in. By enabling cookies, you won't have to log in with your password every time you view a new page. You might also clear your Internet cache and history.

9. What if, for some reason, I want to cancel my subscription after a few days, weeks, or months? Will you reimburse me for those issues I do not receive?

We, unfortunately, will not be able to reimburse you.

10. I just paid $40.00 for a subscription. I bought my subscription in December 2012, so I gather I will be able to read TVR through December 2013. Will you remind me when my subscription is about to expire?

Yes, a subscription will give you complete access to TVR for twelve issues. (All subscriptions, irrespective of the day of the month a person signs up, end on the first day of the final month.) This gives you access to the December 2012 issue as well as the next eleven issues through November 2013. On the first of December (and toward the end of November), you will receive a notice that your TVR subscription is about to expire. You may, of course, buy a subscription for longer than one year.

11. I notice that subscribers are listed in a "people reading" table on most pages of Vocabula. What if I don't want people to know what I am reading?

You have complete control over this feature. Click on Subscriber's Resources, then on "Update Your Member Profile." You can choose not to have your name appear in the people reading list, or you can change your name to whatever you wish (see "Display Name"). What's more, you can allow other Vocabula subscribers to email you (the default is disallow) and you can email them if they have changed the default.

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