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Author Title Date
William Aarnes always June 2007
William Aarnes literature June 2007
William Aarnes husband June 2009
Drexel Ace Alpha Omega Raindance May 2006
Drexel Ace Robes and Shadow Yards May 2006
Frank Anthony To All Trained Killers Oct. 2003
Frank Anthony Why They Bombed The UN Oct. 2003
Frank Anthony Spend There Was No End Feb. 2005
Frank Anthony Monkey See Monkey Does Feb. 2005
Karen Bjorkman Deadalus Nov. 2006
Karen Bjorkman Borges and You Nov. 2006
Francis Blessington God Corrects a First Draft June 2006
Francis Blessington In Flight June 2006
Francis Blessington Gauguin's Debts July 2007
Francis Blessington Wrong Village July 2007
Francis Blessington Kite Work July 2007
Francis Blessington Kilroy Feb. 2009
Francis Blessington The Rhythms of It Feb. 2009
Francis Blessington Taphephobia Nov. 2009
Robert Bové Getting It Right for the Colonel July 2003
Robert Bové Lotus Dollar July 2003
Mariel Boyarsky Why My Father Has an Axe June 2005
Mariel Boyarsky River June 2005
Mariel Boyarsky Infinity June 2005
Stephen Brown I Listened to Mozart July 2006
Stephen Brown Non Sequitur July 2006
Matthew Byrne You Will Be Mine Mar. 2008
Joaquin Carvel 3 Days of Rain Oct. 2010
Laura Cherry The Light Through the Rain Nov. 1999
Laura Cherry Cab Ride to Logan Nov. 1999
Laura Cherry Story for a Dull World Mar. 2000
Laura Cherry Settlement Mar. 2000
Laura Cherry The Nurse and the Principal Oct. 2002
Laura Cherry After Li Ch'ing Chao Oct. 2002
Laura Cherry The Restaurant Oct. 2004
Laura Cherry Burning the Shed Oct. 2004
Laura Cherry Annuals, Perennials Nov. 2007
Laura Cherry Arriviste Oct. 2010
John Thomas Clark Ground Control Jan. 2008
John Thomas Clark Circumnavigating Jan. 2008
Maryann Corbett Mall of America, New Year's Eve Dec. 2009
Maryann Corbett Science Museum: Flood Season May 2010
Cher Cunningham Anathema Mar. 2003
Cher Cunningham Early Spring Mar. 2003
Desi Di Nardo Your Old Bathwater May 2008
Desi Di Nardo The Plural of Some Things Dec. 2008
Desi Di Nardo Left to Swoon in the Dark Dec. 2008
Marion DS Dreyfus Life in 4 Mar. 2009
Nettie Farris Mrs. Darling (Or Is It Wendy?) Sept. 2009
Christy Ferrato En(Cry)ption July 2010
Sarabjeet Garcha Lullaby of the Ever-Returning July 2009
Keith Gogan For H.D.T. June 2009
Kathleen M. Goldbach Handwork Mar. 2009
Kathleen M. Goldbach On Winter Afternoons Feb. 2010
Kathleen M. Goldbach T'ai Chi Beside the Winter Apple Tree Feb. 2010
Barbara Goldowsky How to Become a Future Unremembered Poet Mar. 2007
Barbara Goldowsky Vegetable Love Mar. 2007
Donna Gorrell Mellow— Aug. 2008
Donna Gorrell My Bony Hands Feb. 2013
Carey Harrison Seven Visible Breaths Aug. 2008
Matt Hart Knock Knock Knock July 2002
Matt Hart Interior Decoration Committee July 2002
Eileen Hennessy Deluxe Starter Kit June 2009
Ernest Hilbert A Writer's Life Dec. 2001
Ernest Hilbert Temptation of Saint Anthony (Detail of Demons) Dec. 2001
Ernest Hilbert Jason May 2003
Ernest Hilbert The Sin Originates Them May 2003
Ernest Hilbert Meet and Greet Feb. 2006
Ernest Hilbert Dear Plato Feb. 2006
Ernest Hilbert 4AM Cab Ride Sept. 2009
Jaimee Hills My Sexist Thesaurus Oct. 2009
Jaimee Hills Nothing Rhymes with Gitmo Oct. 2009
Robert Jacoby The End of the Lexicon Oct. 2008
Robert Jacoby When you are in your moon and I am in my sun Oct. 2008
Warren Jones Tongue Jan. 2002
Warren Jones Quiet Fight Jan. 2002
Miriam N. Kotzin Buck Season Mar. 2004
Miriam N. Kotzin My Landscape Mar. 2004
Miriam N. Kotzin Morning Office Dec. 2005
Miriam N. Kotzin Trevlac Dec. 2005
Miriam N. Kotzin Elevated Risk Dec. 2005
Janna Layton A Retired Businessman's Reply to a Racy Magazine Questionnaire April 2008
Mark L. Levinson The Ribbon Feb. 2000
Mark L. Levinson Two Presidents Feb. 2000
Mark L. Levinson The Council April 2001
Mark L. Levinson Shark Never April 2001
Ruth Maassen The Alphabet July 2005
Ruth Maassen In the White Elephant Shop July 2005
Ruth Maassen Litany July 2005
Ruth Maassen Again It Comes to the Old New England House June 2008
Gary Margolis Valentine for/from Mars Jan. 2006
Gary Margolis Reading in the Afterlife Jan. 2006
Gary Margolis Tree in the Mirror Oct. 2007
Gary Margolis Overrunning the World Oct. 2007
Emily McKeage Villanelle: For a Childhood Friend, in mem. Sept. 2010
Kevin Mims To a Child Skating on Ice Aug. 2008
Kevin Mims Meditation on a Line from The 1001 Arabian Nights Nov. 2009
Jeff Minick Aeneas Senex July 2008
Jeff Minick Word Incarnate April 2010
Jeff Minick Sometimes It Is Enough Merely To Breathe April 2010
Sally Molini In the Mirror Sept. 2006
Sally Molini Sinistrophobia Sept. 2006
Jana Moore At Forty April 2009
Jana Moore Zen Monks and Haiku Poets on the Verge of Death April 2009
Fred Moramarco Takes on Shakes — 6 Sept. 2001
Fred Moramarco Takes on Shakes — 19 Sept. 2001
Fred Moramarco Takes on Shakes — 13 Mar. 2002
Fred Moramarco Takes on Shakes — 17 Mar. 2002
Clark Elder Morrow Born Under a Bad Sign June 2009
Lucy Blodget Neill What I Need Now April 2008
Tolu Ogunlesi Masks and Madness Jan. 2007
Tolu Ogunlesi The Trophy Jan. 2007
Miriam O'Neal Norton Barked Nov. 2007
Pen Pearson One Day Desultorily Reading the American Heritage Dictionary at F I Stumble Upon Farkleberry and ... June 2002
Pen Pearson Sister Margaret's June 2002
Pen Pearson Drag Sept. 2005
Pen Pearson Tradition and the Individual Sept. 2005
Pen Pearson Black-Eyed Susans Aug. 2006
Pen Pearson Mock Orange Cockscomb Aug. 2006
Pen Pearson Nothing Knits Us Aug. 2006
David Radavich Pietŕ July 2010
David Radavich Envy Jan. 2011
John Reinhart Jennifer Worries Dec. 2013
Susanna Rich Admission: Of and To Apr. 2007
Susanna Rich A Poet's Luck Apr. 2007
Derek Richards the romance of my city Dec. 2009
Barbara Rockman The Ravens Sept. 2010
Judy Roland A bloodless coup Aug. 2005
Judy Roland Idyll Aug. 2005
Judy Roland Snow, 1954 Mar. 2006
Judy Roland Epilogue Mar. 2006
Mark Shadle word(s) Aug. 2003
Mark Shadle blues ensues Aug. 2003
Sarah Skwire The Thing with Feathers Feb. 2002
Sarah Skwire Church-Going Feb. 2002
Sarah Skwire Hierology Sept. 2002
Sarah Skwire Six Sided Poem for Bentley Sept. 2002
Sarah Skwire Moose-Hunting July 2004
Sarah Skwire Pantoum: Poetry July 2004
Sarah Skwire Ghazal July 2004
Lauren Rile Smith New York Apr. 2002
Lauren Rile Smith Shadow Apr. 2002
Susan Snively Hurt Writing Apr. 2004
Susan Snively Two-Headed Turtle Apr. 2004
Susan Snively Greasy Joan Mar. 2005
Susan Snively Plagiarists Mar. 2005
Barry Spacks The Placing of a Comma May 2001
Barry Spacks From the Skymind Café May 2001
Herbert Stern Sargent Mar. 2001
Herbert Stern A Little Poem Mar. 2001
Herbert Stern The Winter Mind Aug. 2001
Herbert Stern Sail Away Aug. 2001
Ray Succre Eaves Hounder May 2008
Peter Swanson Fortune Dec. 2007
Peter Swanson David Niven: A Villanelle Dec. 2007
Pia Taavila Two Birds July 2009
Brian Taylor L'Art Poetique May 2002
Brian Taylor Essential Theatre May 2002
Brian Taylor Goethe's Place, 1956 April 2003
Brian Taylor The Royal Tattoo April 2003
Brian Taylor Lot's Wife Dec. 2006
Brian Taylor Valse Macabre Dec. 2006
John Timpane Overpass Sept. 2007
John Timpane Darling (II) Sept. 2007
Pat Tompkins Laps April 2006
Pat Tompkins Good Advice: A Baker's Dozen April 2006
Tamora Whitney Bourbon Street Mar. 2008
George Witte At Dusk, the Catbird Oct. 2005
George Witte Turn Oct. 2005
George Witte Hide and Seek Sept. 2008
Elana Wolff Bone & Jay Oct. 2000
Elana Wolff Jig-Sawyer Oct. 2000
Elana Wolff 1949 Santa Fe Lounge Car Feb. 2001
Elana Wolff Venus Feb. 2001
Elana Wolff Scratch June 2001
Elana Wolff Artifices June 2001
Elana Wolff Grass Companions Aug. 2002
Elana Wolff Marmara Aug. 2002
Elana Wolff Melodica Jan. 2005
Elana Wolff Fetching The Sunday New York Times Jan. 2005
Elana Wolff Teeth Nov. 2005
Elana Wolff Diffident Nov. 2005
Elana Wolff Paradise May 2007
Elana Wolff Palindrome May 2007
Mark Zimmermann Eight Poems May 2007

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