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The Vocabula Review

TVR Radio is a database of audio files recorded by authors who have written essays or poems for The Vocabula Review. If an essay or poem of yours has been, or is to be, published in Vocabula, we welcome your submitting an MP3 recording of it to TVR Radio.

Send your MP3 files to info@vocabula.com. Have questions?


Author Reading Genre Listen
Axel Albin and Amos Kenigsberg A Word for All Senses Essay Listen
Steve Cook Writing Down to Readers Essay Listen
Amalia Gnanadesikan The Archbishop's Pronoun Essay Listen
Amalia Gnanadesikan Of Mangoes, Curry, and Catamarans Essay Listen
Matt Hart Knock Knock Knock Poem Listen
Matt Hart Interior Decoration Committee Poem Listen
Ernest Hilbert A Writer's Life Poem Listen
Ernest Hilbert Temptation of Saint Anthony Poem Listen
Ernest Hilbert Jason Poem Listen
Ernest Hilbert The Sin Originates Them Poem Listen
Ernest Hilbert Meet and Greet Poem Listen
Ernest Hilbert Dear Plato Poem Listen
David Isaacson Thoughts on "A society is generally as lax as its language" Essay Listen
Mark L. Levinson Shark Never Poem Listen
Mark L. Levinson The Council Poem Listen
Mark L. Levinson The Ribbon Poem Listen
Mark L. Levinson Two Presidents Poem Listen
Fred Moramarco Takes on Shakes — 6 Poem Listen
Fred Moramarco Takes on Shakes — 19 Poem Listen
Fred Moramarco Takes on Shakes — 13 Poem Listen
Fred Moramarco Takes on Shakes — 17 Poem Listen
Sarah Skwire The Thing with Feathers Poem Listen
Sarah Skwire Church-Going Poem Listen
Sarah Skwire Hierology Poem Listen
Sarah Skwire Six Sided Poem for Bentley Poem Listen
Sarah Skwire Moose-Hunting Poem Listen
Sarah Skwire Pantoum: Poetry Poem Listen
Sarah Skwire Ghazal Poem Listen
Susan Snively Hurt Writing Poem Listen
Susan Snively Two-Headed Turtle Poem Listen
Barry Spacks The Placing of a Comma Poem Listen
Barry Spacks From the Skymind Café Poem Listen
Bert Stern A Little Poem Poem Listen
Brian Taylor L'Art Poetique Poem Listen
Brian Taylor Essential Theatre Poem Listen
Brian Taylor Goethe's Place, 1956 Poem Listen
David R. Williams Snobs and Slobs Essay Listen
David R. Williams Clichés Essay Listen
Elana Wolff 1949 Santa Fe Lounge Car Poem Listen
Elana Wolff Artifices Poem Listen
Elana Wolff Bone & Jay Poem Listen
Elana Wolff Jig-Sawyer Poem Listen
Elana Wolff Scratch Poem Listen
Elana Wolff Venus Poem Listen
Elana Wolff Grass Companions Poem Listen
Elana Wolff Marmara Poem Listen

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